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Destination Balearics

Our team here at Aigua Charter are passionate about the Balearic Islands as a yacht charter destination, as well as being a fantastic place to live ! We hope that in the following words we can share our passion with you and entice you to visit our paradise islands on a yacht charter to remember ! We know you won’t be disappointed !

Why the Balearics?

The Balearic Islands offers something for everyone, and with their ease of accessibility from just about anywhere in Europe, being served by most of the budget airlines, makes getting here simple and inexpensive. With over 300 days of sunshine per year, yacht charter is a true all year round option. There are very few Learn more about the Balearicsdays in the year when sailing is not possible, or indeed unpleasant. Even in winter, the daytime temperature is often around 20° C, and although the evenings are chilly, it makes a cosy dinner either on board or in a homely restaurant all the more enjoyable.

The Balearic Islands, consisting of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera as its main islands, make up an archipelago unrivalled for yacht charter, in our opinion, and offer a perfect mix of truly unspoilt coves and sophisticated marinas where you can choose to spend your nights on board. As well as the main islands, there are several off lying islands, particularly Cabrera, lying off the south east coast of Mallorca, which offer a fascinating visit. Cabrera , an uninhabited island, other than a military presence, is a nature reserve, offering the yacht charterer a unique opportunity to spend a night under an incredible night sky, and amazingly clear waters. There are just 50 mooring buoys available here, which you can book in advance, at NO cost, through our office. Anchoring here is not allowed, as the seabed is being protected from being damaged by yacht’s anchors.

For yacht charter, the ideal mix of unspoilt coves and sophisticated marinas caters for all tastes, and a blend of both can make for an ideal holiday. For those who are not too confident, the security and facilities offered by the marinas and yacht clubs around the islands offer a great introduction into the world of a bareboat yacht charter. Normally, we find most of our clients start off by using these facilities, and then gradually become more independent, and eventually only calling in for topping up fuel, water and wine !

Spending nights at anchor in a deserted cove is an experience everyone should have in their lives, and will provide you with lifelong memories. Some of the coves will have a “Chiringhito”, a small beach restaurant, normally only open during the high season, which provide an alternative to eating on board. You can of course choose to anchor off one of the many villages around Learn more about the Balearicsthe islands, and travel ashore by dinghy, and sample the local gastronomy at the multitude of restaurants, for which the islands are famous

The proximity of all the islands in the Balearics means that you don’t have to worry about overnight passages, unless of course you wish to, although for most nights the wind dies down to a calm, particularly when the weather is stable. Each of the main islands can be reached from its neighbour in around 8-9 hours maximum. In sailing around the islands, there are many calas ( coves) where shelter can be sought very easily, the only exception being the NW coast of Mallorca where there is only Puerto Soller offering true shelter. However, weather forecasts are very easily accessible by web or VHF, and here at Aigua Charter, we provide all yacht charters with a 7 day forecast when departing our base in Palma. A more comprehensive guide to weather forecasts can be found within the pilot book on board all our charter yachts, but typical of islands, the weather can be quite localised.

Here in the Balearics, you have no tides to worry about, although you can experience small currents around headlands particularly after strong winds. The sea temperature ranges from around 14 ° in February to 25° in August.



Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands offers just about everything to the visitor, from beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, spectacular mountain scenery in the Tramuntana mountains through to sophisticated shops, bars and restaurants.

Arts and culture are also prevalent, with many galleries and historical places of interest, with the gothic cathedral standing tall, overlooking the old part of the city of Palma.



Ibiza, the most westerly of all the islands lies around 50 miles from the mainland of Spain and just 48 miles south west of Andratx, which makes for a great day sail from Mallorca to Ibiza, and the welcoming bay of Portinatx makes for an ideal first nights anchorage on Ibiza.

Ibiza is 26 miles long and 16 miles wide at its largest. The northern half and the south western extremity are quite mountainous, reaching a height of approximately 1500 ft. There are three true harbours, and hundreds of small calas and anchorages around its coast, many with a lovely sandy beach at its head.

The island is largely covered in pine forests, and displays carpets of flowers in springtime.



The oldest of the Balearic Islands, Menorca abounds in ancient monuments and relics. It also boasts the largest natural harbour, Mahon, which offers excellent berthing and nautical facilities, as well as historical sites to visit.

There is a strong British influence because of their previous occupation of the island. There are another 4 ports, plus dozens of beautiful quiet calas waiting to be explored.



Formentera is the smallest of the main islands, but should form a part of your yacht charter if at all possible. Situated just a couple of miles south of the southern tip of Ibiza, access is very simple, and in all but rough weather should not be missed. The island is less developed than the other islands and enjoys a slower pace of life.

Nudism is an accepted feature here, so don’t be surprised to find your neighbours at anchor free of clothing!

The island has only 1 port, Puerto de Sabina, which has limited facilities. The island’s main attraction is its beautiful coastline and anchorages, where it is easy to feel like you are in the South Pacific, with fabulous turquoise clear waters.

Itineraries Recommended by the Aigua Team

Tour of Mallorca Route

Route #1 (7 days)
Tour of Mallorca

Palma – Puerto de Andratx
Puerto de Andratx – Puerto de Soller
Puerto de Soller – Playa de Formentor (Bahía de Pollensa)
Playa de Formentor – Cala Agulla (Cala Ratjada)
Cala Agulla – Porto Petro
Porto Petro – National Park of Cabrera
National Park of Cabrera - Palma

Mallorca - Ibiza - Formentera Tour

Route #2 (7 days)
Mallorca – Ibiza – Formentera

Palma – Puerto de Andratx
Puerto de Andratx – Cala Binirrás
Cala Benirrás – Cala d'Hort
Cala d'Hort – Cala Sahona
Cala Sahona – Espalmador
Espalmador – Puerto de Ibiza
Puerto de Ibiza – Palma

Mallorca - Menorca Tour

Route #3 (14 days)
Mallorca – Menorca

Palma – Playa des Carbó
Playa des Carbó – Porto Petro
Porto Petro – Porto Colom
Porto Colom – Cala Ratjada
Cala Ratjada - Puerto de Mahón
Puerto de Mahón – Bahía de Fornels
Bahía de Fornels – Puerto de Ciutdadela
Puerto de Ciutdadela - Cala Mitjana
Cala Mitjana – Cala Turqueta
Cala Turqueta – Puerto Pollensa
Puerto Pollensa – Cala Tuent
Cala Tuent – Puerto de Soller
Puerto de Soller – Sant Telm
Sant Telm – Palma

Mallorca South Southeast Tour

Route #4 (4 days)
Mallorca Southeast Tour

Palma – Es Trenc
Es Trenc – Porto Petro
Porto Petro – National Park of Cabrera
National Park of Cabrera – Palma